What You Need to Know!

How much does your new home cost to build?
Building costs start at $145/ft2. The average cost is between $150-$250/ft2. The minimum size of home is approximately 2,000ft2.
How long does a custom home take to build?
The construction phase typically takes around 9-12 months from start to finish.
How long does it take to do the design plans and obtain a building permit?
Designs can completed in a few weeks following the selection of the building lot, doing a survey, and identifying zoning requirements. Obtaining building permits can vary… generally anywhere from 1 to 6 months. Because we work together with the architect during the design phase, our plans generally pass the building permit process relatively quickly.
Where do I begin?
Select the property. After the property is selected, we have a survey performed. After we know what we are working with, then we pull the zoning requirements to see what parameters and restrictions there are for construction. Then, after a thorough consultation with the client, we do the designs. Completed designs are used to make building permit submissions. This process can take anywhere from 1 to 6 months depending on what is required. Then the construction phase begins. See “Our Process” for additional information.
How much of my time is required?
We have weekly meetings on a predetermined day of the week for 1-2 hours. We discuss completed work and work that is scheduled for the coming week. We also discuss issues, questions, and confirm milestone payments. The purpose of the meetings is to limit the time that you need to spend on your new home so that it does not interfere with the rest of your life.

"We have built over 100 homes in the Greater Toronto Area!" 

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