Our Proccess

A System of Success

1) Pre-Construction Consultation

Once you make the decision to build your new custom home, we schedule a pre-construction consultation in which we introduce you to the process of building a new home. We explain the steps involved and discuss your ideas and your needs. These include the size of your home, your design requirements, the finishes and most importantly, how your lifestyle will integrate with your home.

2) Surveys, Plans and Permits

We explain the next steps involved… selecting the land, getting a survey done, reviewing the zoning, creating drawings/plans, and applying for city permits. Old Orchard Home’s knowledgeable staff will guide you through communications and document submittals required with all city departments including the application for the building permit. 

3) Schedule of Finishes

Upon completion of these steps, we will provide you with a Schedule of Finishes from which you decide how your custom home will be finished. For convenience, quality control and esthetic considerations, we break the finishes into coordinated packages for which you can choose. The schedules include such items as interior and exterior finishes, flooring and trim.

4) Building Contract

Once the Schedule of Finishes is agreed upon, a complete and detailed contract is drawn up. The idea of the agreement is to outline all the elements of construction right from demolition to final landscaping.

5) Communications

Communications are very important in our process.  We strive to keep clear and open lines of communication with all of our clients. Transparency and integrity are very important to us. At Old Orchard Homes, we encourage as many face-to-face meetings as are needed throughout the home building process. Project meeting are generally once every week at a predetermined day and time.

"We have built over 100 homes in the Greater Toronto Area!" 

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