Why Old Orchard Homes?

Your First Choice Among Custom Home Builders

So why should Old Orchard Homes be your first choice among Toronto’s custom homebuilders? Here are 9 reasons why you should consider us:

  1. We have a creative, knowledgeable and experienced architect that we work closely with to better match your needs to the home’s design and budget considerations. There are many ways to achieve the same design goals. Many times, when you hire an independent architect, they will design the home in the manner in which you ask them (not necessarily the most efficient way of building it). Working together as a team, we can achieve both design AND construction goals in a functional, esthetic and cost effective manner. Working together with our architect, Nick Saccone of Trademarked by Design, we are better able to take advantage of modern design and construction techniques for an “integrated approach” that achieves all client goals.
  2. Joint input from both architect and builder, helps to create plans that are thorough and pass the building permit approval process much quicker. 
  3. Our payment schedule is linked to the completion of key milestones. Every time a milestone is reached, payment is made.
  4. We strive to use the same trusted trades people to maintain quality control throughout the construction process. They understand and value our stringent standards, efficiencies and timelines.
  5. There are no surprise expenses during our construction process. We have weekly client meetings to keep you informed of the progress of your new home. All expenses are set-out in the contract for your protection.
  6. We continually take advantage of new and innovative products that conserve energy and minimize environmental impact.
  7. We are fully bonded and insured.
  8. We are accredited members of a number of builder’s associations and adhere to their strict code of conduct required for continued membership. These include BILD (Building Industry and Land Development Association), CHBA (Canadian Home Builder’s Association), Ontario Home Builder’s Association, and Canada Green Building Council.
  9. As members of Tarion (Ontario’s New Home Protection Program), we provide an exceptional warranty on your new custom home. The warranty is up to Seven years depending on the component covered.

"We have built over 100 homes in the Greater Toronto Area!" 

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